You’re the chef today!

LACROIX STOCKS – Stocks are an indispensable base for fine soups and sauces for anyone who wants to spend more time enjoying themselves and less time cooking. Lacroix stocks come in many varieties. The stocks contain no flavourings, colorants or preservatives

LACROIX SOUPS cannot be left off the menu! These high-quality, classic soups from LACROIX are prepared by chefs. With carefully selected ingredients and a delicate finish, these soups are an ideal starter on an exclusive menu or, eaten as a small meal, a culinary highpoint of the day.

LACROIX SAUCES – Nothing finishes off a dish like the perfect sauce. Lacroix offers a wide range of fine sauces that are ready for the table. The perfect complement to asparagus, meat, fish and vegetables

LACROIX – this is good life !