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Passion for the bakery

Bauli is proud to have combined the art of homemade recipes with cutting-edge technology to offer consumers authentic Italian baked goods and festive pastries. With respect for traditions and ancient recipes, Bauli products are oven-baked and made with the finest ingredients.

The Bauli family's guiding principle has always been a passion for baking. Bauli has a family history with more than 90 years of passion. The history of Bauli goes back to Verona in 1922. A small, romantic city in northern Italy and the hometown of Ruggero Bauli. He began his lifelong passion for baking in a small pastry shop where he learned the techniques and secrets of traditional Italian baking, one of which is the recipe for one of the most famous cakes of today, Pandoro di Verona.

Homemade recipes and traditions are at the heart of Bauli.

Bauli Mood
Bauli Mood

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