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From barbecue fans for barbecue fans

From the kitchen pot to mass production
Take the devotion to American barbecue, the enthusiasm for good meat and a sense of really good taste, and combine it with inventiveness and the courage to create unique BBQUE sauces. The result? A uniquely good BBQ sauce! The first tests are put through their paces among close acquaintances.

From a misunderstanding to series production
It quickly became clear: These BBQUE sauces refine any grilled food in a unique way! It was our duty to share them outside our circle of acquaintances for the common good. Inspired by this idea, the BBQUE project was launched in 2011. From the 300 bottles initially planned, 3000 bottles are produced by mistake due to a communication problem - the birth of the BBQUE brand! Even without any previous experience in distribution, the bottles are quickly sold, because the feedback is sensational and within a few days all bottles are sold.

Homemade sauces on a large scale?
The huge demand soon requires the help of professional partners who can fill the "homemade" recipes with identical character in large quantities. A real challenge, since the BBQUE sauces contain only natural starches, no preservatives or concentrates, and are not easy to produce on large lines due to the high-quality base of fruit and tomatoes. But true to the motto "nothing is impossible", this project succeeds nevertheless.

This is how the BBQUE sauces were created, which are able to take almost every griller's heart by storm!

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BBQUE_Web Mood_Main_Feb-23

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