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Cultured Foods is a health food company that provides 100% plant-based, natural, delicious, innovative and practical foods of the highest quality.

The founder Basia has made it her life's mission to improve human health with her products, while at the same time protecting the environment and respecting animal welfare. Cultured Foods therefore takes the greatest care in the selection of ingredients and in the manufacturing of the products, without making any compromises.

In addition to the range of various meat and sugar substitute products, Cultured Foods offers a real alternative to conventional eggs with its vEGGs products. Eggs contain animal protein that uses up too many resources. The products from vEGGs are based on vegetable protein, which uses less water, less land and less energy and causes less environmental pollution. At the same time, the vEGGs are just as tasty as eggs and are suitable for all of your favorite recipes.

Do you like to start your day with a french toast? Do you love a quiche for lunch? Can't resist a delicious crème brulée in the evening?
Thanks to cultured foods and vEGGs, you can enjoy all of this and create a more sustainable world at the same time.

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