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Du Baron
Crowns your dishes à la française

French cuisine owes its worldwide reputation to its fine ingredients and techniques. The Du Baron brand has been committed to this tradition for 40 years with its select assortment: the selection ranges from delicate special oils to refined vinegar specialities to classic mustard variations and new creations – all created with finesse. Bon appétit!

La Collection des Vinaigres
First-class ingredients such as raspberries, sherry and tarragon are blended with gently processed vinegar. The creators of the vinaigres put a lot of time and care into storage and maturation: this is Du Baron's recipe for success for its fine vinegar flavours. The fine nuances of taste convince connoisseurs not only in a vinaigrette.

La Collection d'Huiles
Du Baron concentrates all its savoir-faire on these specialities made from walnuts, hazelnuts and grape seeds. The exquisite oil creations require a lot of care in their production, and you can taste it. They are real inspirations for gourmets in combination with seasonal salads and in warm cuisine.

La Collection des Moutardes
The quality of each mustard seed is fundamental. Du Baron pays very close attention to the selection and control of this basic ingredient for the preparation of its classic and surprising mustard variations – with honey, for example. The fine, grainy flavours play an important role in the aroma cuisine and are always a tasty surprise.


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