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Italy's hot sauce

The success story of the chili pepper in Italy began in 1492, when Christopher Columbus brought it to Italy from Haiti. First used purely as a decorative element, the fine pod quickly found its way into Italian cuisine, where it appeared in the first cookbooks as early as 1664. Since then, it is impossible to imagine Italian cuisine without this product: nowadays, practically every pizzeria in Italy works with this spice, whether in the form of flakes or pickled in olive oil.

Firelli Hot Sauce is beautifully packaged in an iconic, cone-shaped glass bottle with a stunning blue cap modeled after an old Italian fire extinguisher, offering a modern twist on a classic Italian tradition.
The products are produced by Agricor s.r.l. - a family-owned business in the town of Langhirano - just outside of Parma. The region is famous for its food production, including Parma ham, Parmesan cheese and more.

Firelli stands out from the crowd of other hot sauces that are too spicy or too vinegary, filling a gap in the market for an all-natural Italian hot sauce. Firelli provides an unforgettable pizza taste and is a healthier substitute for chili oil - just a few squirts is all it takes to give pizza a spicy kick!

Approximately 30-40% of all pizza consumers use a hot sauce for their pizza. Today, these are still mostly sauces from the Tex-Mex area, but on an authentic Italian pizza also belongs an equally authentic hot sauce from Italy!

But the products of Firelli are suitable for much more than just pizza and also give the pasta, a sandwich, eggs or the BBQ the final kick. This makes Firelli an indispensable part of any modern kitchen.

The products:

  • Original
    • Scoville score: 2969
    • medium hot
    • with Calabrian chili peppers
    • ideal for pizza, pasta, salads and egg dishes
  • Extra Hot
    • Scoville score: 4375
    • hot - a small splash and you feel the heat
    • with Calabrian chili peppers
    • ideal for pizza, barbecue, burgers and wings
  • Chili Crunch
    • unique crunch
    • medium hot
    • with Calabrian chili peppers
    • with extra virgin olive oil
    • ideal for pizza, pasta, salads, soups, meat
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Firelli_Main Mood_Web_Feb-22

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