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Pure refreshment in a bottle

The "Fassbrause" produced by our Cologne-based private brewery Gaffel stands for pure refreshment.
That's why it contains no artificial flavours, additives or anything else that can't be found in nature. Just pure refreshment in the delicious flavours lemon and orange.

What's special about Gaffel's "Fassbrause"
In Cologne, as well as far beyond the city outskirts, "Fassbrause" is a household name for many people and is considered the perfect refreshment without alcohol. The different varieties have real cult status and have therefore already won several awards, including the golden DLG medal for excellent quality four times. Gaffels "Fassbrause" relies exclusively on natural ingredients and therefore does not contain any artificial flavours or additives.

The fresh idea of "Fassbrause"
It's no secret, of course: as an independent family brewery, you have to go innovative ways if you want to hold your own against the big players on the market. Certainly, we love our Kölsch beer. And yet we also wanted to develop something new: A drink that brings new variety and diversity to the drinks shelf, acts as a real thirst quencher and does it completely without alcohol.
As "brewing artists", we see it as our duty to produce sustainable products and to do so on a natural and environmentally friendly basis. "If, then right" is our maxim, according to which we think, design and act. For this reason, our master brewers have used their decades of experience to develop a unique recipe with a lot of love, which has been revolutionising the beverage market since 2011 as "pure refreshment".

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