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Gazosa 1883
The first Gazosa without artificial colourings

Gazosa is a clear, carbonated lemonade from the canton of Ticino. When the bottles are opened, there is a delightful pop, which is why Gazosa used to be popularly known as the "poor man's champagne". Gazosa 1883 is the gourmet's Gazosa and is characterised by natural flavours and no artificial colouring.

The name "Gazosa 1883" pays tribute to the first gazosa factory in Mendrisio, which was put into operation in 1883. Thanks to the passion that has been preserved over the years and passed down through the generations, together with the recipe that skilfully combines flavours and bubbles, the result is a particularly tasty drink that goes with every moment of consumption.

Gazosa 1883 Mood
Gazosa 1883 Mood

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