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Viva la Teavolución! …the revolution of the iced-tea market

Unlike other conventionally produced iced-teas, Hakuma processes the entire, organic tea leaf. Only then, it is ensured that the pure taste, antioxidants and all the other marvelous ingredients go right into the bottle, unfiltered and pure.
Hakuma's stimulating drinks support a life full of adventures and equally challenge your taste buds and your spirit. They are made from organic tea, forgo artificial additives and flavors as well as refined sugars and are, as of now, available in three varieties:

  • Hakuma Matcha
    100% ground, organic matcha containing "super-juicy" mangos, lemons and ginger. The lush green, enlivening matcha contained in Hakuma Matcha supports keeping a cool head and remaining focused when days are shorter than to-do-lists.
  • Hakuma Spice
    100% ground, organic black tea with peach, pepper and "spicy" turmeric make whole tea what it really is: A wake-up call. Containing 32mg natural caffeine per 100ml it is the perfect match for extended days and nights. The smoky-black content of the bottle calls for curiosity and aligns itself with internationally trending black dishes and drinks.
  • Hakuma Bitter
    100% ground, organic Jasmin tea together with pink grapefruit, Yuzu and Quassia makes for a drink that is appealingly different and form the ideal taste adventure accompanying the looks of the pink-glowing Whole Tea. The blend of aphrodisiac jasmine tea and refreshingly bitter pink grapefruit make an ideal thirst-quencher - not just in summer.

About Hakuma
Hakuma was founded in 2016 by Christian Koder, Max Mariel and Sebastian Podesser. The three of them revolutionize the iced-tea market by using only the entire tea leaves, utilizing its natural powers and moreover combining refreshing taste with only the best ingredients. The tea in Hakuma whole tea is organically grown, sustainably harvested and fair-traded. Artificial additives, flavors and refined sugars are left out of the equation entirely. The very first Hakuma product, Hakuma Matcha, was inspired by Christian Koders journey through Japan where matcha is a prominent constituent of the local beverage market. The three founding fathers realized the potential behind the delicate green tea powder and its age-old tradition and personally chose their matcha suppliers in Japan.
Later, the assortment has been extended with Hakuma Spice and Hakuma Bitter. From this point onward the trio was unstoppable.

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