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You love small delicacies and cooking is your passion? Then Lacroix is the right place for you! As a quality culinary brand, Lacroix is always looking to share its passion for cooking with you, the amateur cook, the professional chef and the gourmet.
LACROIX STOCKS - an indispensable base for fine soups and sauces. LACROIX stocks save time in the creative kitchen, leaves time for enjoyment and guests.
LACROIX SOUPS should not be missing from any menu. These high-quality, classic soups from LACROIX are made by chefs. They use the typical recipes of the classic cuisine and selected ingredients in gentle procedures. So that our soups taste as you expect them to taste, just like homemade!
Eugen Lacroix (1886-1964) was a Baden restaurateur who moved to Frankfurt am Main in the early 1920s. His curiosity for culinary delights gave him the idea of pre-cooking specialties that required a lot of effort in the kitchen, so that professionals and hobby chefs alike would have an easier time delighting their guests. In 1921, he founded a small business for this purpose, which initially produced truffled foie gras pâtés. Other delicacies followed, and just four years later his idea had grown into an international delicatessen company with 350 employees. An ideal of culinary creativity that guides Lacroix to this day and has firmly established him as a leading brand in the delicatessen segment.

Lacroix Mood
Lacroix Mood

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