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Preserving our values for more than 80 years

Founded in Zurich in 1934, Lucul has been a family story full of passion from the very beginning. From the Scheim family to the Lussi family, several generations have worked and continue to work side by side in the company, which is now based in Payerne, with the aim of upholding our values and offering first-class products.
Firmly rooted in traditions and focused on the future, people are at the heart of Lucul's production. From recipe development to production and ingredient selection, our motivated employees have always been the guarantors of Lucul's success. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology enables us to offer you the best products made from nature's treasures.
Our responsibility gives rise to a daily commitment to our fellow human beings and to our earth, which nourishes us. That is why, when selecting our products, we take care to preserve the best taste and dietary benefits and to adapt to the rhythm of nature.
Our carefully selected products, mostly natural, come from producers or traders in the nearby area. This allows us to focus on the essentials and avoid flavor enhancers, artificial colors, preservatives or palm oil. With our products your dishes unfold their true taste and get the final touch.

Lucul Mood
Lucul Mood

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