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Majestic Natura
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For over 50 years, Gustav Gerig has been supplying high-quality products under the "Majestic" brand. For many top chefs as well as families and individuals, it is impossible to imagine the kitchen without Majestic products. Under the brand "Majestic natura" we distribute the special healthy products. We work exclusively with suppliers whom we know personally and whose farms we have visited. We will never buy products "blindly" on the spot market. Long-term partnerships with suppliers guarantee us constant quality. In addition to product-specific characteristics, Gustav Gerig relies on the following label for "Majestic natura", which stands for sustainability and ecological responsibility:

  • CO2-neutral:
    All of the brand's products are sourced, processed and transported in a CO2-neutral manner. Even today, 60% of the Indian population cooks over an open fire. This traditional way of preparing food requires a lot of firewood, which leads to rapid deforestation and also massively pollutes the indoor air. The pollutants that Indians breathe in this way damage the lungs about as much as smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. This climate protection project finances the production of high-quality new stoves. These are not only more efficient, reducing the need for firewood, they also have a long service life and are affordable for Indian families thanks to project support. Traditional food preparation over open fires meant that families spent around a third of their income on fuel, or up to three hours a day collecting firewood. Through this project, families are now saving massive amounts of time and money. Thanks to the project, over 300,000 Indian families will be able to purchase more efficient stoves.
  • from European origin:
    Wherever possible, we source products from as close as possible. Products from overseas are only sourced if there is no valid sourcing option within Europe.
Majestic Natura Mood
Majestic Natura Mood

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