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No fish, but like fish

Novish was founded in 2019 by Katja Busser, Maiko van der Meer and Paul den Dulk. Together they have over 75 years of experience in the food industry and have used their knowledge to make great progresses in the international market. In January 2020, Novish launched plant-based fish substitutes at the Horecava trade fair in Amsterdam, making it the first vegan fish company in Europe. Novish focuses entirely on plant-based fish substitutes that are 100% soy-free, have a good taste as well as a good, authentic texture.

Overfishing has been going on for many years, putting more and more marine life at risk of extinction. This development affects all life on earth. With Novish products, we want to restore the balance in nature. We do this by sustainably producing the tastiest plant-based fish and helping to reduce overfishing, bycatch, farmed fish practices and, of course, overall environmental damage.

With Novish's 100% plant-based fish substitutes, you as a consumer are creating balance in your daily diet while helping to restore balance in the ocean.

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