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Apple cider vinegar - a gift of nature

Grapes - apples - potatoes, those are the three original products that have shaped the commercial history of the Zweifel family ever since the company was founded in 1898 by brothers Paul and Emil Zweifel. Grapes for wine, apples for cider and fruit juices (fruit vinegar from 1928), and potatoes for Pomy crisps (from 1958).

In 1964, when François Blöchliger, a gifted naturopath and innovator from the Basel region, presented his invention Pommel (from "pomme" and "miel"), a particularly mild and aromatic-tasting premium vinegar, the then head of the firm, Heinrich Zweifel, was extremely enthusiastic. Made from freshly fermented apple juice, this apple cider vinegar is enhanced with honey, whey and herbs. The honey acts as a natural buffer to the acetic acid and protects the stomach lining. The whey and special blend of herbs give Pommel apple cider vinegar its unique character and that certain something. Flash pasteurisation before filling makes preservatives unnecessary.

Pommel is still made according to a family recipe under the expert direction of Urs Zweifel, Managing Director of Zweifel 1898. The exact recipe is a closely guarded secret! And so it is that Pommel apple cider vinegar, with its unique and perfectly balanced taste, has stood for finest Swiss quality since 1969.

  • Pommel is harmonious and fruity tasting
  • Pommel is very mild and easily digestible
  • Pommel is perfect for salads
  • Pommel is ideal for drinking cures to strengthen the metabolism

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