Rettergut - Gustav Gerig AG

For a world without waste

Rettergut has set itself the task of rescuing crooked food. Because: many foods never make it to the supermarket in the first place, but are sorted out beforehand due to shape, size, colour or for technical production reasons. Rettergut tracks down these impeccable but previously unused food raw materials along the production chain and uses them to develop high-quality products that are a sustainable alternative to conventional food in the retail trade.

The range currently includes soups and spreads for example with saved carrots, pumpkins or peppers. The products are often of organic quality, mostly vegan and always with saved ingredients. But more important for Rettergut than the organic certification is that the products contribute in the best possible way to saving high-quality food and of course taste super good.

The more people join the mission of Rettergut, the more can be saved. Welcome to the team of food rescuers!


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