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Horseradish delicatessen since 1846: The founder of the company Johann Wilhelm Schamel (1818 -1898) started in 1846 with a horseradish wholesaler. He established the tradition of collecting recipes and knowledge about horseradish, which were then passed on from generation to generation as a family secret.

We vouch for the finest quality of our products. In principle, we still make our Schamel horseradish today the way Johann Jakob Schamel first prepared it in masterly quality. Of course, today we work with modern technologies, but the basic idea still moves us: namely to produce the best horseradish products. Thus, the name Schamel still stands for the finest quality as well as sustainability for the benefit of the entire value chain

Horseradish was already known in ancient times. This is proven, for example, by a Pompeian wall painting. Cato dealt with this plant in detail in his treatises on agriculture. Originally, horseradish comes from Eastern and Southern Europe. From there, horseradish was brought to Central Europe by the Slavic peoples and spread. In Germany, horseradish is said to have been cultivated only since the Middle Ages. It was initially a medicinal plant and was later used to season food because of its exquisitely spicy taste.

The name "Bavarian horseradish" has enjoyed EU protection since 2008 and is a protected geographical indication.

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Schamel Mood

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