Serpis - Gustav Gerig AG

Stuffed olives, a typical tapas variation

Around the 1920s, Alcoy was a town known for its textile industry - a capitalised, educated town in the midst of expansion. It was at this time that Cándido Miró Rabasa, a textile entrepreneur from Alcoy, set up a new venture that invested in the production of a globally popular foodstuff: olives. Each olive was pitted and stuffed by hand, but Cándido Miró Rabasa industrialised the stuffing and packaging of the stuffed olives. Thus, in early 1926, the EL SERPIS olives brand was born. In the course of time, Cándido Miró invented new piercing and stuffing machines in his factory, which he himself helped to develop. Thus, the company has been expanding step by step, but the traditional production process and taste have remained. Currently, SERPIS is one of the leading brand names in the olive sector, spreading taste and tradition all over the world.


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