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Snack !t
They way you like them, but plant based

In the growing category of plant-based meat substitutes, there is still a lack of snack products. This is where Snack !t comes in and offers meat-like snacks on a plant-based basis for those little hunger pangs between meals.

The new veggie snacks are of excellent quality, based on GMO-free soy protein with no added preservatives. The smoking, drying proces and natural seasoning makes the Vege Story snacks delicate, tender, full of aroma and gives them the unique texture of meat. Are also an excellent source of whole protein, healthy fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron and fibre.

As a snack for a Sunday hike or for your child's school trip? Vege Story snacks are the perfect choice for vegetarians, flexitarians, and most of all, for meat-lovers who are looking for alternative sources of protein.

Available in 3 flavors: original, Piri-Piri and 3 seeds. All of them without single bite of meat.

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