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Snatt's is all about a "little snack" of the Mediterranean way of life. This means a healthy, tasty and balanced diet. But it's also about enjoying an active lifestyle and spending time with friends.... and finally, making sure we take the time to enjoy every moment.
Our snacks are prepared according to authentic Mediterranean recipes ... Cereals, nuts, seeds, vegetables and herbs. Delicious and simple ingredients, baked to perfection and never deep fried.

Snatt's may be new, but as part of Grefusa we look back on a long tradition of delicious food. Snacks that fit every occasion.
Brands such as Gublin's Papadelta, Pipas G, El Piponazo and MisterCorn together with Snatt's are part of the Grefusa range. Over 250 million bags are consumed each year.

In 1929, the Spanish family business was founded. Located in the beautiful province of Valencia, right on the Mediterranean coast. Our mission is simple: to constantly surprise and convince with tasty and aromatic snacks that contribute to a healthy our case, the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Snatt’s Mood
Snatt’s Mood

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