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The Bridge
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The Bridge, a small family business located in the north of Italy, in the province of Vicenza, has been producing 100% organic drinks, desserts and cooking creams since 1994, all made with carefully selected and certified ingredients according to high quality and traceability standards.

All their products are 100% plant-based, lactose-free, most of them are also gluten-free and all of them are made with spring water coming directly from the Lessini mountains. Why is this important? Plant-based drinks are made up of at least 80% water and about 20% raw materials. Water is therefore the main ingredient in the production of a good tasting vegetable drink.

The Bridge also enhances its products with safflower oil, which contains a significant amount of unsaturated fats and vitamin K... and, to top it all off, no cholesterol. The recipes are also generally as short as possible in order to guarantee a natural flavour derived exclusively from the raw materials; in most cases, the products are also with no added sugars and always without preservatives.

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