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Since our founding in 1979 in Marl, we have carved out a solid place in the German food industry. What began with just a small team back then has grown into a success story that we proudly want to share with you. In our beginnings, we laid the foundation for our brand by offering only five selected products: Tavuk Salam, Sliced Tavuk Salam, 500g Yogurt with 3.5% fat, margarine in 1kg containers, and margarine in 200g cups. These were essential components of Turkish cuisine and quickly gained popularity among our customers. With determination and commitment, we were able to achieve initial profits and successes, which encouraged us to continue our journey. A significant milestone in our history was the move to Krefeld in the 1980s. Here, we not only found new premises but also a strong foundation to pursue our vision further.

The 1990s brought the introduction of our flagship product Süzme Yogurt, which quickly became a customer favorite and expanded our range with another specialty. But our pursuit of growth and international presence did not stop there. In 1991, we took the step across borders and expanded to Holland. This expansion marked the beginning of an exciting journey. In 2004, we reached the shores of Australia, realizing our first expansion outside of the EU. From there, we quickly conquered many countries around the globe, from the USA to China, thanks to successful trade fair participation and enthusiasm for our authentic products. Our passion for innovation and quality led to the establishment of börek production in 2015, further enriching our range with another delicacy. In 2017, we dared to move into an impressive new building that reflects our values and commitment to excellence. Another highlight was the naming of the Yayla Arena in 2018, which underscored our dedication to tradition, quality, and progress. And today, in 2023, we can proudly announce that our product range comprises more than 400 items. Under our brands Yayla, Fulya, Aspendos, Al Hadaba, and Milay, we offer a wide range of high-quality Turkish specialties.

Our journey has been defined by hard work, passion, and the desire to share the diversity and flavors of Turkish cuisine worldwide. Our vision for the future includes continuous development and innovation. We will expand our product range, explore new preparation methods, and enhance our commitment to sustainability and responsible production. At the same time, we will preserve our traditions and values to ensure that every meal you enjoy with a Yayla product creates a connection to our history and our passion.

At Yayla, it's not just about food: It's a journey that engages the senses, tells stories, and connects people.


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