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25. February 2022
Hello – it’s lunchtime – time for a little break with NISSIN Demae Ramen!

The increasingly popular Asia Instant Noodles DEMAE RAMEN are advertised with TV spots for 2 weeks.
30 second commercial with an attractive contemporary story: who is the Demae Boy and his traditional function in Japan.
Channel and time selection according to the core target group: Generation Z 15-25 years and Extended 18-49 years.
In order to achieve the optimal impact on the target group, the TV campaign is accompanied by a 3-week social media campaign with delicious recipe ideas with video instructions.
These recipe videos can also be found on the Nissin Europe website (see link).

What does Demae actually mean?
Demae Ramen has been around since 1968 when it was launched in Japan, and then spread around the world. Loosely translated, “Demae” means “a delivery”. In the past, fresh ramen and soba were brought directly to hungry customers on foot or by bicycle, and the empty bowls were later collected again. The Demae delivery boy not only adorns the packaging, but also brings the authentic ramen pleasure to your home with a smile.

Instantly Prepared, Instantly Delicious!

Nissin_TV ad_March-22_News_Mood_square
Nissin_TV ad_March-22_News_Mood_square

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