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MSC: certified sustainable fishing

MSC has developed guidelines with experts for assessing and certifying fishing.



Tuna blockchain with QR code

Raimond Frères is the first European tuna brand to launch its MSC-certified products with a QR code for blockchain.

CO2 neutral

Integrated climate protection through carbon-neutral transport

Scarcity of global resources and reduction of harmful CO2 emissions are two of the 21st century's biggest challenges.

aus europäischer Herkunft Europa Fahne

European origin

Guaranteed European tinned food

Product origin is increasingly important to consumers, also where tinned food is concerned.



Organically grown food

Organic trend


Products without animal provenance

Vegan – an attitude to life

Glutenfreie Nahrung

Gluten free

Salutary gluten-free products

Gluten-free food

Lactose free

Delicious, special identified, lactose-free products

Lacotse-free food

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