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Integrated climate protection through carbon-neutral transport

Scarcity of global resources and reduction of harmful CO2 emissions are two of the 21st century's biggest challenges.

The food industry also has to adjust to these changing conditions. In this context, Majestic is blazing a trail and collaborating with Swiss Climate AG to ensure that all Majestic products will be shipped using carbon-neutral transportation from 1 January 2016. To achieve this goal, all the possible transport methods for Majestic products have first been optimised so that they generate as little CO2 as possible. This means that products that have been partly delivered by lorry up to now will be loaded onto ships and trains, as these generate much lower CO2 emissions.

As it impossible to reduce CO2 emissions to zero when transporting goods, the remaining emissions are compensated for by a sustainable project. Majestic is relying on the expertise of Swiss Climate AG, one of the most renowned CO2 management consultancy firms in Switzerland, to ensure that the monies invested are also used effectively for the selected projects.

For a detailed description of Swiss Climate's and Majestic's joint project, click the following link: Energy efficient cooking stoves in India, PDF (522 KB).
In 2021 Gustav Gerig compensated a total of 229 tons of CO2 with this project: Certificate CO2-compensation 2021, PDF (120 KB).

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