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NUSSYY® stands for purely organic, vegan products without added sugar, without palm oil and without lactose which combine premium enjoyment and purest quality. But NUSSYY® is much more: we stand for a healthy, sustainable and affordable diet, while embodying a modern lifestyle that lives in the moment and avoids the fast pace. NUSSYY® is addressed to people who want to live consciously and do something good for themselves - every day, in every situation in life. Moreover, the products can be used in a variety of ways - whether as a snack between meals, as breakfast, or as a creative cooking ingredient. And the best part is: they are pure, have an original yet extraordinary taste and with the purchase of each NUSSYY® ORGANIC product you support the Jane Goodall Institute.

„Why add sugar to products when Mother Nature provides us with so many valuable raw materials. She does it best and that's why we see no reason to change anything. We offer all our products in their purest form.“
- Carina - ©NUSSYY VIENNA®

Taking responsibility for ourselves, people and our environment is the basic idea of the NUSSYY® philosophy. If the environment is doing well, we are doing well. If we do well, our children do well. And so the circle of life closes, that needs to be protected.

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