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Fish in the water, plant on the plate

Unfished® brand was born from our desire to contribute to a sustainable food system for future generations. Unfished® portfolio is unique, inspired by the seafood category, only vegan, ocean-friendly and nutrient-packed.

While the demand for tuna fish is still high, ocean pollution and intensive fishing are threatening and destroying our fragile ocean ecosystem. Unfished® contributes in growing awareness about the need to protect the oceans and its ecosystem by putting plant-based seafood alternatives on the plate.

Nutrition and sustainability are main reasons to choose plant-based alternatives. We considered the importance of the ingredients not only in terms of texture, appearance, mouthfeel but also regarding health. Our Nutri-Score for the Unfished® PlanTuna® products are A or B.

Join our mission to leave the fish in the ocean and taste the future!


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