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Fit with wholefoods

In 1979, the Stones' song "Time is on my side", already an oldie back then, was not decisive for the foundation of Leib und Gut-Vollwertkost, but time was on our side.

Environmental pollution with harmful effects on air, water, soil and nutrition were already topics that moved interested and committed people at that time.
So we dared to start selling household grain mills for preparing a wholesome diet with fresh grain muesli cereal and freshly milled flour for making wholemeal breads. This also required the necessary cereal grains such as wheat, rye, spelt, etc. But not just grain: it had to be grain from organic cultivation! At that time, this was not a matter of course. Only a relatively small circle of consumers knew what was meant by organic farming.

With the expansion of the product range, the wholefood brand "Leib und Gut" could also be introduced in the food trade. In a market segment, mind you, that was previously unfamiliar with the sale of organically grown products! In addition, products such as rice wafers with various chocolate coatings, honey cakes, honey wafers, muesli bars, but also new muesli mixes such as with amaranth, spelt bran, quinoa and wholemeal pasta in organic quality were largely unknown at that time in the conventional food trade and among consumers.
However, the demand for our "Leib und Gut" products was good and above all sustainable right from the start. After some time, this sustainability also prompted various competitors and food wholesalers to take advantage of market opportunities in the organic food sector. How our idea at that time developed can be seen today in every supermarket with hundreds of articles in organic quality. Nevertheless, we have been able to hold our own in the market with the brand "Leib und Gut" for over 40 years.

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